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30 Dec

HOLAAAA! How are you all doing?

I celebrated christmas with my family this year and it was really great! Food was reeeaaallyy delicious and it was so nice to hang out with my brothers, sister and parents again.

How was your christmas? I hope everyone enjoyed themselves like I did!

We are now ending 2011 and I think it is good to start thinking of what your successes were this year. What did you do good in 2011 and what did you do not so good? What is your goal for 2012? Write it down! It will give you some clarity and it will even make you proud of all the things you did good in 2011. I for example totally forgot that I flew alone for the first time this year. Maybe that sounds weird but my whole life I never flew alone, always with OR my family OR other models OR the crew etc. and this year, yes, I took the plane alone :).

What is your list? It is quite fun to make I think, it will make you proud and it will give you clarity to start working on your goal for 2012!






Starting my blog of positivity!

20 Nov

Hello beautiful people,

I am starting my blog of positivity! I am a 20 year old woman who wants to love the world UP! Thank you mom for opening a world for me where all things are possible if you just believe that to be the outcome, thank you, thank you.

When I was a 15 year old girl I started my modeling career and I have learned great lessons from that.  I choose to love life and I want to write my journey here to a loving and abundant life in all aspects of it.

Love it up people,