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Today I Love: My Future House

20 Jan

Look at this beauty, placed in Hawaii. This house maybe doesn´t know it yet, but it´s going to be mine verrrryy sooon! xx




LOVE IT UPPP!!!!! xx


Is this how I feel?

24 Nov

Sometimes you feel angry or upset or even sad.. but is it YOUR energy? Is it YOUR feeling? Because I notice that often when I feel sad or upset it’s actually someone else that is sad or upset. I feel THEIR energy and then I think it’s my own feeling. So when you feel lonely, upset, sad or not good: try to think ‘is this MY energy or is this somebody else their energy?’. Sometimes it’s even possible that you’re acting out of the energy of a ‘friend of a friend’ that you saw.

Understanding this really has helped me to calm down when I’m angry or upset, because actually almost ALL of the times it’s not my energy!

Do you remember those times that you were sad and you didn’t know why? Or that you were angry and making a fight while a few minutes later you were like ‘what was that all about?’. Chances are big that you were not in your own energy. It’s possible that you even clean energies from other people! But it’s not your job to clean other people’s energies for others, that’s their thing to do.

What do I do when I notice  negative energy from someone else?

First of all, noticing it will make a HUGE difference, because basically you are saying to that energy ‘you are not mine‘. That should make a big difference already. Next it helps to visualize white light coming at you that cleans your whole energy field from other energies. After that you want to protect your bright energy with a golden layer around it.

Maybe this will help people brighten their day. Your energy field is like a house, you have to clean it once in a while.

And when you feel a sudden swift in you emotions: suddenly sad or anything else, ask these questions to yourself: ‘is this energy mine, where does it come from, if it’s not mine from who is it.’ And then clean yourself from it. I think It’s really important because nobody should clean somebody else’s bad energy or even carry it with them while the other person feels ‘much better’. (that’s why some conversations make people feel ‘so much better’.. they are basically giving you some of their bad energy).

Noticing it will make all the difference and that way you can talk with people while you make sure to stay in your own energy, so you will always act from your true self!