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Honor Your Gift!

7 Feb

I heard about this quote from Einstein and I thought it is worth sharing with everyone who reads this. I think this is so true!


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

– Einstein


Sometimes I just get lost with all my thinking, I sometimes really feel like I have a monkey mind! I just have to remember myself: breathe in and breathe out, I live my life in the now, not yesterday and not tomorrow, in the now!

Last week I saw the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (it’s a great movie BTW!) and there’s a scene were the main character feels like he shouldn’t get in someones house but still goes in the house because he doesn’t want to be rude to the person: rational mind above intuitive mind. Well, I don’t want to spoil it but the character should have listened to his intuitive mind! I thought this is a good example because most of the time we do something against our intuition just so we not come across rude to other people.. It would be better to just follow our intuition, it’s our gift. 🙂


Love it up dear ones, xx

ps: on the personal side, I’ve been busy these days.. I’m offcially back to modeling, found myself a great agency and now another agency in another country. WOOPWOOP just wanted to share some LOVIN! Hopefully I’ll attract some amazing jobs, big agencies in other countries, lots of work and income and create some amazing pictures! I want to LOVE THIS UP!



30 Nov

Today I wanted to share something personal. I am already modeling for a few years and I really love modeling. I love walking catwalks as I am confident when I walk and I love photoshoots as it is such a creative process with really good people surrounding me.. But.. there is a but.

As many people will know, lots of young girls enter the modeling world, as I did when I was very young, fact is that you are at such age very very skinny while you can eat pretty much everything x 100. But then there is a time, that suddenly you become a woman and you get told by your agent – someone who produced loads of topmodels – that if you want to become really good you need to lose ´a few pounds´. As a young woman you directly jump on the bandwagon and ditch all the chocolates and sweets and that works for a while.. but after a job you can´t help but crave all the chocolates and sweets you have denied yourself.. and, well.. you get the picture.

I am now a real woman of 20 years young what feels like grandma in the modeling world. I struggle to be topmodel skinny because I just can´t stop eating the chocolates and the sweets. It makes me sad because I do love modeling so much.  I feel like there are winners and losers.. the winners in modeling can control themselves and the losers can´t. I hope I will be the winner soon.

As you hear I´m kind of in a mental struggle and because this is a positivity blog about my journey to abundance in every aspect of my life I will end it on a positive note:

I am worth everything in the world

The Universe loves me

I try my best to be the best possible me

This is just a phase and this too shall pass

I live with an open heart

I love my angels, they take care of me very well

I love my family

Just wanted to share this.

Big kisses