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J.K. Rowling

14 Dec

I really love JK Rowling, her story, her books, she just inspires me! Today I found this and I strongly felt to share it with you:


The success story of Joanne Rowling

Her success story has become a subject of public fascination.

In the end of 1999, two years after the publication of her Harry Potter, Joanne Rowling was officially a millionaires. Financially it was a remarkable five years journey which started from cashing social benefits cheques and ended with receiving royalties.

In 2008 Sunday Times Rich List ranked her as the twelfth richest woman in Britain. Forbes ranked Rowling as the forty-eight most powerful celebrity of 2007.

However, this financial part of J. K. Rowling biography does not cover the true story of Joanne Rowling. The most important journey was the journey of making mistakes and taking risks. Joanne admitted that she had been very much afraid of failure and risks when she left university. This was the reason that she did not pursue at that time her only ambition she had ever had, to become a writer.

“I was afraid to risk poverty and disillusionment and devote myself wholeheartedly to the only ambition I had ever had, to be a writer.”
– Joanne Rowling

When she became a single parent with no job and no money, Joanne realized that she had nothing to lose at all. This was the moment that she took a courage to find out her true value as a writer.


To read more: http://www.famous-women-and-beauty.com/j-k-rowling-biography.html


Mirror Mirror On The Wall..

22 Nov

Who is the most beautiful of them all? YOU ARE!

Being a model myself I spend quite alot time in front of a mirror: to check my face and my body. When I get my make-up on, to check my outfit etc.

But what am I saying in front of that mirror to myself? Sometimes I like my makeup or outfit and I say nice things to myself, but more often I think things like ‘my stomach needs to be thinner, my face is not as beautiful as I wish it to be, I wish I looked different’. WHY??

A time ago I decided for myself: I am not my body, I am not my face, I am not my clothes. I am nothing of all that material stuff. I am much MORE. And from that day I decided to be my best friend, to REALLY love myself for myself.

The result is that I am less wasting time on thinking that I wish I was someone else, and that I am more spending my time on trying to be the best I can be with what I have. And that makes me a lot happier!

If you know the work of Louise Hay then you know that she uses the mirror as a powerfull tool for affirmations. And powerfull it is! I have done it now for a few days and I love it. My examples for affirmations are (when looking into the mirror):

I love you

You are beautiful

You have everything you need

Life loves you

You can do everything you want

Maybe you don’t think it’s true the first time you say it to yourself in the mirror, but when you do it more often there comes a point where you really see yourself for who you are and you can’t help but love yourself for it!

I love the saying ‘I see you‘ from the movie Avatar. Brilliant man that James Cameron, ha :). I guess everyone in the world wants to be really seen for he/she is. Start by really seeing yourself!

This helped me a lot to love myself more.