If there is something on your mind..

25 Nov

Sometimes something happens and it is hard to be in the present moment. You heard someone said something about you, an event happened, you name it.. And you are playing it over and over again in your head. What can we do?

Ask yourself this question: can I change anything about it or not? If not, then don’t worry about it because you can’t change it. If you can change it, stop worrying as well and start changing it!

I find that most problems I worry about are in the past or in the (imagined) future.. at such moments I try to remember myself to be in the  present moment.

Only in the present moment you can really act from your true being, your true self. You are at this moment not your past or you future. You are the being in the NOW. So remember yourself to be in the NOW. It’s the place where problems often don’t exist.



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