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30 Nov

Today I wanted to share something personal. I am already modeling for a few years and I really love modeling. I love walking catwalks as I am confident when I walk and I love photoshoots as it is such a creative process with really good people surrounding me.. But.. there is a but.

As many people will know, lots of young girls enter the modeling world, as I did when I was very young, fact is that you are at such age very very skinny while you can eat pretty much everything x 100. But then there is a time, that suddenly you become a woman and you get told by your agent – someone who produced loads of topmodels – that if you want to become really good you need to lose ´a few pounds´. As a young woman you directly jump on the bandwagon and ditch all the chocolates and sweets and that works for a while.. but after a job you can´t help but crave all the chocolates and sweets you have denied yourself.. and, well.. you get the picture.

I am now a real woman of 20 years young what feels like grandma in the modeling world. I struggle to be topmodel skinny because I just can´t stop eating the chocolates and the sweets. It makes me sad because I do love modeling so much.  I feel like there are winners and losers.. the winners in modeling can control themselves and the losers can´t. I hope I will be the winner soon.

As you hear I´m kind of in a mental struggle and because this is a positivity blog about my journey to abundance in every aspect of my life I will end it on a positive note:

I am worth everything in the world

The Universe loves me

I try my best to be the best possible me

This is just a phase and this too shall pass

I live with an open heart

I love my angels, they take care of me very well

I love my family

Just wanted to share this.

Big kisses


7th Day – 30 Day Challenge

30 Nov

So.. how is it going so far? Pretty good I think, but it could be better. I didn’t write every day but I did make up for it the very next day. I just need to really make time for it I guess. I do love to write and instead of writing every day something different, I stuck to a story I’m really liking right now! 🙂

I am really excited about the story and I hope I stick with it for the next 23 days of my 30 day challenge! We’ll see.. so far so good!

Really happy to have started this challenge because this way I HAVE to pick up the pen and write whatever :). And once you’re writing it’s really fun to do it :).

I recommend it to everybody to start their own 30 day challenge to spice it up a little bit, I’m already thinking of what I’ll do the next 30 day challenge!


Today I Love..

30 Nov

The magical wonders of the Universe

Make It A Meaningful Day

30 Nov

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day

– Dalai Lama

An Oprah Must See

29 Nov

I have seen this clip a few times and every single time I see it, I just love it! It inspires me to surrender and just let the Universe work for you, if you just surrender and let that happen! Really really inspiring!

Hear what Oprah has to say:


Be Fearless Today!

28 Nov

I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.
– J.K. Rowling

Limiting Yourself

27 Nov

Limiting ourselves.. we do it all the times, sometimes we know when we do it, sometimes we don’t even know we are doing it!

Examples when you are limiting yourself:

“I can’t do this” – when you believe it, you can do it!

“It’s hard to be successfull” – well, I rather want to attract that it is super easy to be succesfull!

“I don’t like this or that.. I don’t want to try this or that” – have you ever tried it? sometimes you don’t like something at a certain period of your life. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t like that your entire life.. you are here in this life to grow! Maybe you will like it now.

“You need money to become rich” – well there are loads op people who used their talent and reached success without money! Why is your brain telling you this stuff?

“I will NEVER eat this/do this/act like that” – how do you know this?? You just cut out loads of experiences out of your life. You are choosing to limit yourself, why?


Sometimes it seems so innocent but by saying you don’t eat fish, or you don’t want to marry you are limiting yourself. Why telling people this? Give yourself ALL possibilites, maybe someday you do want to eat fish and have children. But since you told everybody you didn’t want those things you have to justify why you want to eat meat again or why you changed your mind about wanting to mary..

I really think sometimes people just talk too much.. give yourself the freedom to do everything you want because what you like now, you don’t like tomorrow and what you don’t like now you maybe like tomorrow. Give yourself the chance to change every day!

I have always said to everybody that I would never want to eat meat again.. but last few weeks I really want to eat.. meat. But because everybody know that I don’t want to eat meat I feel obliged to not eat meat, because otherwise I feel like I failed in their eyes.

Change is a wonderful thing, and everybody should embrace change. I choose to change and not longer be the person that I was 2 years ago that decided to be a vegetarian. Not that I’m saying that I will eat meat from now on, but at least I want to be free to eat whatever I want!

I hope people get the message: before saying anything keep in mind that you can change 🙂 give yourself freedom for change! Think of all the habit you have: is this me or is this me 2 years ago that started these habits.. and it could be everything!